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Regarding the purchase of plastic turnover boxes and general requirements

by:Qusheng     2021-03-02
Requirements for the load of the plastic crates 1. The dynamic load refers to the maximum weight that can be lifted at one time using an electric forklift or a manual hydraulic crates. The general shelf turnover box can carry 1.5T-2T, the standard turnover box can carry 1T, and the ultra-light turnover box can carry 0.5T. 2. Static load refers to the maximum weight that the bottom plastic crates can bear in the stack. The general shelf turnover box can bear 6T-8T, the standard turnover box can bear 4T, and the ultra-light turnover box can load 1T. 3. Shelf load refers to the maximum allowable weight of goods packed in plastic crates on the shelf. We must pay attention to the difference between dynamic load, static load, shelf load and warehouse load. The difference in carrying capacity is closely related to the shelf structure, ambient temperature and storage cycle. The general heavy-duty turnover box can bear 0.7T-1T on the beam type shelf, and the standard turnover box can carry 0.4T-0.6T. 4. The shelf load has certain requirements for the permanent deformation and deflection of the plastic turnover box. The national standard for deflection is 30mm at most, but this is significantly wider. We recommend using plastic crates with a deflection not exceeding 20mm on the shelves. If it is an automatic three-dimensional warehouse, the requirements for deflection are more stringent, generally within 10mm. The selection of the size of the plastic turnover box When selecting the plastic crates, the selected specifications will be different according to the required items. 1. First consider the packaging specifications of the goods and the way they are placed on the plastic crates. For example, the size of the European standard turnover box is 600*400mm, 5 boxes are placed on the first floor of the 1200*1000mm turnover box, 4 boxes are placed on the first floor of the 1200*800mm turnover box, and 5 layers are generally stacked. 2. Consider the situation of loading tools in the turnover box (such as containers, trucks, etc.). For example: if it is a round-trip or one-time use, priority should be given to the integration of the shipping container with a width of 2300mm. For a 1200*1000mm turnover box, a combination of 1200mm in length and 1000mm in width must be used. 4-way entry fork must be used . For the 1200*800mm turnover box, two sets are placed side by side in the direction of 800mm width. For the 1100*1100mm turnover box, use the width of 1100mm, which can be placed in 2 rows, and either 2-way or 4-way forks can be used. 3. If it is used on warehouse shelves, the width and depth of the shelves must be considered. Usually, two turnover boxes are placed on each floor and each position of the selected shelf, and a space of about 200mm is reserved for access activities. Give as much size as possible in the depth direction, so that it will not produce harsh requirements for the carrying capacity of the plastic turnover box, so as to save purchase costs. 4. If used on automated three-dimensional warehouse shelves, in addition to meeting the above requirements, the anti-skid coefficient of the turnover box, the cooperation between the bottom surface of the turnover box and the chain conveyor equipment, the height of the fork, the load capacity of the shelf, and the barcode Factors such as location and placement of the RFID chip. 5. The size of the plastic turnover box should also be considered for versatility. At present, the commonly used sizes in China are 1210 international standard type, 1208 European standard type and T11 Japanese standard type turnover box.
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