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Reusable plastic basket selection principle

by:Qusheng     2020-11-06
Selected principles of reusable plastic basket ( 1) If it is chose to build with a basket of reusable plastic basket height increase 15 mm; ( 2) Plastic basket size refers to the outside, the basket without the basket under the cover of large size; ( 3) Plastic pallet manufacturers to determine the good effective size stacked: effective size refers to the logistics under the basket dimensions; ( 4) Turnover basket frameless refers to adapt to the environment temperature range evenly placed load; ( 5) Standard logistics basket product size error of plus or minus 3%, the weight of error of plus or minus 3%, sidewall deformation rate not greater than 1%, the basket bottom plane deformation is not more than 5 mm, basket in diagonal rate is not more than 1% of all belong to the enterprise standard allowed range; ( 6) To adapt to the environment temperature: - 25 to + 80 ℃, plastic pallet manufacturers try to avoid the sun sunlight and away from heat; ( 7) The quality guarantee period: plastic pallet manufacturers under the condition of normal use, the production of plastic turnover baskets of the quality guarantee period for three years, if there is any breakage with one another, manufacturers, there are problems in the process of using maintenance obligations. Cost fee will be applied in case of replacement parts only, of the expenses incurred shall be borne by the demand side.
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