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Reverse logistics and operation steps

by:Qusheng     2020-11-11
Reverse logistics can be defined as the reverse process of logistics. Traditionally, the reverse logistics is considered to be main products regeneration process. The American association of logistics management for the definition of reverse logistics as 'in order to reach the goal of recovery value and proper disposal, planning, implementation and control of raw materials, semi-finished product inventory, finished goods and related information, effective and economic from the point of consumption to the output point moving process. 'Reverse logistics, generally including goods collection, transportation and disposal of the necessary steps. These goods from consumers move backward, this process involves goods include tracking and information flow of credit transfer, etc.
in general, the implementation of reverse logistics contains three distinct steps:
the recycling process of collecting and retrieve the goods from customs. This step varies by the returned goods and recycling. Including retailers returns recovery, consumers return recovery, recycling and three kinds of recycling recycling center operating mode.
transport goods from one place to return to the actual movement process of another. Because manufacturers often don't want to become the destination of returned goods, so the transport step widely exist in all aspects of the reverse logistics. On the contrary, the manufacturers hope to have the third party logistics ( 3PL) Company to help deal with these goods. As a result, shipping companies often are required to hold the goods, waiting for further processing.
processing including customers are not satisfied with goods when corporate decisions and actions. Including two way, one kind is the scene, using various treatment measures taken by the customer's facilities, goods may be repair or replacement. Another is the scene, the defective goods shipped to other locations. Off-site treatment including product inspection, replacement, repair, split, remanufacturing, liquidation sales and landfill disposal, etc.
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