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by:Qusheng     2020-11-11
Appeared in the importance of reverse logistics, many companies can't grasp the reverse logistics process of complex networks. So these companies will all or part of the reverse logistics process outsourcing reverse logistics necessary resources to the running with 3 pl companies.
is the purpose of the reverse logistics model is set up to help to enter the reverse logistics market potential of 3 pl companies. Model describes a 3 pl company to predict it in the reverse logistics market potential of several key steps must be taken.
  ( 1) Research the reverse logistics present situation, determine the customer. Intend to enter the reverse logistics market 3 pl companies must first research the status quo of the reverse logistics. Company shall carry out market research, including the latest academic research in the field of reverse logistics research, literature review and the network to understand the current best practice.
3 pl company shall determine and studies have will return to their current customers. If the customer for some reason is not yet to reverse logistics outsourcing to the company, the company shall investigate the demand for these potential customers. If you already have the reverse logistics client, then should investigate each customer use frequency and from their profits. Is to get these information in the following steps to collect more potential customer information, to measure them.
  ( 2) Survey of existing back to the customer's requirements. Once the potential customers are identified, 3 pl company should investigate their current and potential of the reverse logistics service requirements. The table below gives a survey sample questions. This investigation for the logistics personnel, through the telephone interview form. Understand the latest situation of reverse logistics, this survey can get the customer's current and potential reverse logistics demand information. In determining company is now in the reverse logistics market status and determining the reverse logistics business scope of the company in the future, the value of this information is priceless.
  ( 3) Survey competitors and their customers. 3 pl company shall assess its rival the strength of the reverse logistics operation. In this step to use the Internet survey method is very effective. Understand competitors, we should deeply understand the strength of the competitors. In addition, information on competitors, customers also need to study. Understand the competition program can also be used to understand his customer.
  ( 4) Gap analysis. In understanding the needs of their customers and competitors, the 3 pl company can undertake gap analysis. Gap analysis is to the company and competitors in evaluate and compare the status of the reverse logistics market. The analysis results for the company in the reverse logistics market to provide necessary information for strategic positioning.
  ( 5) The feasibility study. In this step, 3 pl companies to take advantage of the above steps to get all the information in a feasibility study, to analyze the company present financial conditions, study the feasibility of the company to enter the reverse logistics market. After through the gap analysis, the company needed to expand the service scope, the cost of the additional resources required to expand the scope of services, company shall be calculated accurately. Company also must revisit existing customers, to determine whether the use of existing resources service benefit them. Should believe that these benefits can be implemented, as long as there is planning by more and more effective return fully implementing reverse logistics operation.
to fully implement the reverse logistics operation, companies must carefully check the old operating system. To enter the reverse logistics market, will be back to the old system to plan, or from famous suppliers purchasing off-the-shelf systems. Due to ensure the system functions to meet the needs of the reverse logistics operation, so the decision must be very careful.
  ( 6) Positioning strategy. Model of all the steps above are for the benefit of the final decisions on a 3 pl company, 'they should be how to position in the reverse logistics market? 'If the feasibility study shows that, after the company to enter the reverse logistics market access to the resources required, obtain the expected profit, the company established steps shall be taken to enter the market. Then, the management can be in the company's long-term planning of reverse logistics in the strategic positioning. For example, a company may decide to provide the whole reverse logistics services. This decision is likely to contain will distribution center building in their own customer network, purchasing management software system, training personnel, reorganize transportation resources and other relevant measures to reverse logistics.
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