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Shanghai turnover container manufacturers analyze the great wisdom in containers

by:Qusheng     2021-03-08
Shanghai turnover container manufacturers analyze the great wisdom in containers. When it comes to containers, people should be familiar with it. A large number of containers can be seen in the ports and docks, loaded with goods from all over the country and even around the world. But if the container’s past and present lives are mentioned, why did it appear, what meaning does it have, how it changes the world, and what enlightenment it brings to the future world. It is estimated that many people will find these questions meaningless or even ignorant. This is not surprising. Because for containers, many people only pay attention to its existence and not the value of its existence. And this book 'Containers Changes the World' has undoubtedly become special, because it is such an alternative interpretation of containers, without exception, it is dubbed 'the world's only container business history' book. That being the case, you might as well start from the idea of u200bu200bthis book and open the container to see what secrets and wisdom are hidden in it. Turnover box manufacturers. From the appearance, the container is too simple, and even such a simple structure makes people feel disdainful. It is just a large cold aluminum or steel box with many welds and rivets on it, and wooden boards on the bottom. There are two huge doors at one end, and a standard container is very much like a tinplate can. However, the value of the container lies not in what it is, but in how it is used. Before the appearance of the container, the ready-made clothing of Wal-Mart in the United States and France will never bloom everywhere. After the emergence of containers, freight has become so cheap that a product produced in the Eastern Hemisphere and shipped to New York for sale is far more cost-effective than producing the product in the suburbs of New York. The cost savings in the transportation process comes from the improvement of tools and technology, the turnover box manufacturer, and this tool and technology comes from the unique structure of the container, which seems simple but exerts a magical effect, and this is a simple technical belt The changes in the coming world affect the progress of the entire world. The book narrates from the history of the invention of the container, transforming a seemingly ordinary theme into an extraordinary and interesting story, showing how a technological advancement has changed the shape of the world economy. From the perspective of the style of narration, it looks more like a book dedicated to history, but when I go deep into it, I find that the author directly asks about the technological innovation in terms of the invention history of the container, which is hidden behind the technological innovation of the container. The wisdom of that is the charm brought by standardization. The greatest success of the container lies in the standardization of its products and the establishment of a complete set of transportation systems. It can standardize a behemoth with a load of tens of tons, and on this basis, gradually realize a global logistics system supporting ships, ports, routes, highways, transfer stations, bridges, tunnels, and multimodal transport. Turnover box manufacturers have brought about a significant increase in system efficiency and a significant drop in transportation costs. Products produced in any place on the earth can be quickly and cheaply transported to where there is demand. Then, how the standardization brought about by containers changes and affects the world, which has become the focus of the author's description. This is specifically manifested in: First, more goods will be transported in containers, and engineers are thinking about how to convert more goods that have not been transported in containers to container transport. Second, container transportation has been further extended to other transportation fields, such as railway transportation and road transportation. At present, the mainstream transportation equipment in road transportation in developed countries is van semi-trailer, which can be regarded as an extended application of containers. Its transportation efficiency has reached a very high level. Third, the standardization, integration, assembly and other advanced industrial production methods represented by containers are being extended to other industries, and have different degrees of impact on non-logistics industries. This extension trend is causing more and more people Attention and active practice. Turnover box manufacturers. It is not difficult to see that the history of containers is actually a history of global technological innovation. Its emergence is an inevitable, and it is a brand-new technology that changes the world pattern and economic model. Among the books discussing globalization, 'The World Is Flat' is a book that should not be ignored. It focuses on revealing the impact of globalization and new technologies on the world and its future trends, and 'Containers Changes the World' is even more important. A tracing back to the technological change of globalization, it re-discovered the great neglected contribution from the perspective of globalization. Turnover manufacturers, let us re-understand the far-reaching impact of the seemingly simple invention of the container on mankind. Therefore, the great wisdom hidden in the small container [1.36% of the capital research report] can enable us to discover the charm of technology, and be able to keenly smell the opportunities that Chinese companies should shoulder.
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