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Sichuan words grid characteristics and use of plastic tray

by:Qusheng     2020-10-31
Grid plastic tray for sichuan words' sichuan fonts' a kind of plastic tray, the surface of the plastic tray grid, tray at the bottom of the shape of 'sichuan' words, called sichuan words grid plastic tray, in using tobacco plastic tray, chemical plastic tray, food plastic pallet many types, such as sichuan words grid Plastic collapsible cratein the pharmaceutical, paper making, printing, electronics appliances, chemical, clothing, textiles, warehousing logistics and other industries have a wide range of applications.
sichuan words grid plastic tray acid, strong alkali resistance, corrosion resistance, weather resistance; The surface of the plastic pallet design, safety without Swiss; The surface is bright and clean, reduce waste residues, easy to clean; Can in - 30 ℃ ~ 65 ℃ temperature range in normal use; There are many colors to choose, according to the classification requirements as collocation; Turnover on the shelves and flexible.
1. Usability: light weight, simple operation, forklift truck is easy to enter, stable size.
2. Health: do not decay, and do not absorb moisture, easy to wash, easy dry
3. Longitudinal force: instant of longitudinal force can prevent pallets of goods in scattered by the lift of the truck.
4. Bending: plastic tray after being on the shelves, the bending will gradually increase, the bending in the automatic warehouse cannot exceed 10 mm.

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