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Simple technical analysis about antistatic plastic tray

by:Qusheng     2020-11-03
Antistatic plastic pallet industry research and development in the domestic plastic tray is basically blank, most of the antistatic plastic tray is given priority to with Japan and South Korea imported. Below we briefly about some technical problems of antistatic plastic tray.
why use antistatic plastic tray, in some electronics and precision instruments industry, used to store the goods of the plastic tray is generally treated with antistatic, if not treated with antistatic is most likely because electrostatic cause the damage of the electronic components. Anti-static is how to realize: the commonly used plastic tray production material resistance is very big, belongs to the insulators, which you will need to add some conductors to realize the function of reducing resistance.
the current domestic main is implemented by adding carbon black anti-static function, relatively more affordable price. Rough generalizations of the surface resistance of the power 6 or 10 below 10 power 6 to 10 of 11 power ohms, basically belongs to a category of anti-static, of course this far could not reach the requirements of precision industry level. About the surprise we later in this paper, the level of requirements.
in some high precision in the production of anti-static products, the use of ethoxy alkyl amine is more, but the cost is relatively high, the ratio of the proportion of the more strict. Have many Plastic collapsible crateenterprises will directly purchase the strength of technology companies matching good antistatic material for production, anti-static index according to the requirements of the end customer is customizable. Common material has anti-static nylon modified materials, anti-static, anti-static PP modified PPO material materials, anti-static PC plastic modified materials, such as JEDEC standard reference.
anti-static is actually an adsorption process of electrostatic discharge, conductive.
why antistatic Plastic collapsible crateis almost blank in China, in order to reach the effect of anti-static, we need to add carbon black, but the proportion of the added how to control, the vast majority of plastic tray enterprise is not the technical strength to fulfil certain accuracy. Add more into a perfect conductor, not safe discharge. Add less not conductive, anti-static are out of the question. Another point injection domestic enterprises are almost always used dry screw mixing machine to the mixture of raw material and additives, this itself is a kind of rapid mixing method, not accuracy. So first we said the real level of precision antistatic plastic tray temporarily blank, suggest to buy imported. Many end users and for that matter even engaged in plastic pallet sales sales staff is a big misunderstanding, thought that ordinary plastic tray is antistatic Plastic collapsible crateor adding carbon black is strictly antistatic plastic tray.
why do you say the material of carbon black is a kind of ideal? Professional anti-static agent and what are the advantages? This topic in our next article will from the aspects of temperature, plasticity, corrosion resistance and so on in detail in this paper. The special stress that professional articles, code word hard, do not copy! !

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