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Soft tray, slide tray, free loading and unloading tray is introduced

by:Qusheng     2020-10-29
Got a call from the several colleagues yesterday afternoon, consulting ever heard of soft tray. It's really a strange so partial door tray how everyone was asked, check the original 6 online. A bit of an enterprise's 14th afternoon issued a tender, tender and tens of thousands of polypropylene soft tray. Many people in the years of plastic pallet sales friends may have never heard of such a thing. Since asked me, that just buy one, get two, we put on the market today some partial door tray to do a simple introduction, of course is limited to simple introduction, production formula of specific details of what, I don't know.
first said the polypropylene soft tray of attention in the past two days, in fact the entire tray is like a cruise. Divided into mesh soft soft tray at the bottom of the tray and closed, generally use nylon or drawing plastic production, use polypropylene as the material is very much also, namely a ton bag drag, called tray is a little reluctance. To look at the pictures below:

as for the specific how to use this tray, look at the pictures imagine yourself.
sliding tray generally called the paper tray, is a high strength kraft paper was covered by smooth film. Wonder how many things did not tray why a hold thigh name, slide the tray, relationship with tray has a few cents really look not to come out. We simply describe the entire operating process.
the first forklift truck is to be modified gear shaping into a piece of the overall smooth plate and general requirements of 304 stainless steel material, and is equipped with a hydraulic push device. Pushing device has a similar clip can be stuck slide tray.
fork process: need handling of the product on the sliding tray pattern, and forklift launched with clamp sliding tray, back to the goods as a whole with the sliding tray moves to forklift truck on the flat plate.
the unloading process: forklift launch device and slide the tray out the goods, then clip will slide tray spare complete unloading process. See the following this paper, this is the paper tray, really wonderful work, what all don't like the tray.

from loading and unloading tray generally called multiple tap from loading and unloading tray, iron is common. Through multiple gear shaper forklift, commonly used in chemical industry of high strength turnover. May involve some patent design, the picture is not sent.
the goods with pallet forklift into the fork from the front fork.
forklift into the fork fork up alone, the goods from the side tray in the ground.
generally called paper revolving tray, paper tray is characterized by using the material for the production of environmental protection biodegradable high strength paper, price is low, suitable for some one-off use environment.

it is simply introduces several unusual tray type on the market, existence is reasonable, as a set with plastic pallet derived or special tray, they in the flow of the products and it is a great role in promoting modern logistics, know more about it is will help us to do business. After all, we are a professional Plastic collapsible cratepractitioners.

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