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Ssangyong plastic tray resistance to low temperature freeze resistance to fall off

by:Qusheng     2020-11-03
Winter in the north, the low temperature air is dry. because plastic brittleness at low temperature in winter is prone to cracking and broken, plastic pallet manufacturers how to deal with this situation?

in fact, if want to low temperature increase the strength of the plastic tray, main is to increase its toughness. Qusheng Plastic collapsible cratein low temperature environment, in the original production process adding antifreeze and plasticizer, thus producing a good low temperature resistance antifreeze hockey products. Plasticizer additives as follows:

the main effect of plasticizer is weaken polymer molecules between the price of health, the van der Waals force, thus increasing the mobility of the polymer molecular chain, reduce the crystalline polymer molecular chain, which increased the plasticity of polymer, show the polymer hardness, modulus, softening temperature and the embrittlement temperature drop, and the elongation, flexible and flexibility.

antifreeze antifreeze Plastic collapsible crateis mainly used in plastic and coating products, and plastic intermiscibility is very good, especially and PVC resin has good intermiscibility, ability of 35 ℃ low temperature below zero. Application is very extensive, it can be used in a variety of plastic tray.

plastic tray table antifreeze content
anti-freezing type Plastic collapsible cratebecause in the production process, production of raw materials has a higher request, so a single piece of plastic pallet prices rose slightly, but considering the service life, change the frequency, and so on and so forth, the comprehensive cost is very ideal.

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