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Ssangyong's instructions on the use of the plastic plastic tray

by:Qusheng     2021-02-27
Qusheng Plastic collapsible crateinstructions:
1. Avoid Plastic collapsible crateby sunlight, in order to avoid plastic ageing, shorten service life.
2。 Forbidden to plastic pallet throw fall from a height, avoid the tray broken caused by violent collisions. Crack.
3。 It is strictly prohibited to other goods from high casting on the tray. Goods are to be evenly placed on the tray, bearing the weight of the pallet should be flat on the ground or object.
4。 Or manual hydraulic forklift operation, as far as possible to the tray goods fork fork empty lateral foot, pallet fork shall all be into the tray, smooth lift the tray after the Angle of transformation. Pallet fork shall not impact the tray side so as not to cause the pallet broken. 。 Crack.
5。 Use the party should be in strict accordance with the above the tray use way and use plastic tray. Any damage caused by beyond use tray, the supplier no responsibility.
6。 According to the company to provide plastic pallet use effect is very good; Carefully use forklift operators and users, who damaged tray to tell how bad, AD valorem compensation for damage caused by improper tray. So that the user the sense of responsibility, also be careful; This natural damage rate is less.
7。 Hope your company tray with reference to the above instructions, strict with employees, to reduce loss to minimum.

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