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Strengthen exchanges with foreign pallet industries, a professional manufacturer of plastic turnover boxes

by:Qusheng     2021-03-07
Pallet industry associations and domestic production and distribution companies should learn from the experiences and lessons of neighboring countries, such as Japan and South Korea, in developing the pallet industry, avoid detours, and make China’s pallet industry become standardized (specialized) and standardized (industry) as soon as possible. Play a greater role in the Carrying out international cooperation on pallets is not only conducive to promoting the standardization process of domestic pallets, but also conducive to reducing the trade costs of the partners and increasing product exports. It is a hot spot for international cooperation in the current logistics field. Through the efforts of industry associations, research institutions and enterprises, after years of development, China's pallet logistics, like container logistics, will surely occupy a place in the world's modern logistics system.
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