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Summer how to maintain the plastic tray

by:Qusheng     2020-10-25
now use scope is expanding constantly, market from the tray, plastic tray market development prospect is very good, it helps to improve the work efficiency related industries, the use of can meet the industry's growing transport demand. However, everyone in the process of using plastic tray, plastic tray factory in changzhou is necessary to know some common sense about plastic pallet and maintenance, so that we can extend the service life of the tray.
1。 In the use of plastic tray, pay attention to the light to take light put, don't let the tray has the uneven situation, it is easy to damage the tray.
2。 If use plastic pallet stacking, take a look at how the tray on the bottom of the bearing capacity, if there is any damage, if any, to lose weight in a timely manner.
3。 When we put the goods, we are best placed on average, so that you can avoid when lifting handling, appear CeWai circumstance.
4。 Use plastic tray to carry the goods time, want to consider the size of the goods can satisfy the use of plastic pallets, to avoid inappropriate size and bad plastic tray.
5。 In order to make the tray in use process will not be damaged, we recommend using packaging combination form, put the cargo on the tray up pattern, and this is advantageous to the pallet loading and unloading, and transportation.
plastic tray, of course, there is a lot of daily maintenance of common sense, you want to know more about maintenance knowledge of plastic tray, pay more attention to when using, so that we can make Plastic collapsible crateused more for a long time.
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