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Supporting the use of plastic tray and logistics box

by:Qusheng     2020-11-02
In the process of logistics in order to reduce turnover links, often involves supporting the use of Plastic collapsible crateand logistics box. Supporting the use of
the collocation must first solve the size problem, after the overall logistics box pallet, add to the bottom of the area of basic equivalent to surface area of the plastic tray, generally more general plastic figure of 1200 * 1000 * 150 mm field words grid plastic tray.
as involving special eu turnover box, must be up to the size. This way of collocation in auto parts industry is relatively common.
as logistics turnover in the pursuit of efficiency, in recent years developed a large turnover box, directly as a whole at the bottom of the tray, so can greatly reduce logistics links of waste time, for some fresh product transport has played a big role.
all in all products ultimate goal is to continuously meet the demand of the use of increasingly perfect, Plastic collapsible cratein close coordination with the turnover box of use is a big trend, is an important link in logistics industry of.

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