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Suzhou Qusheng plastic box manufacturer 2019 Spring Festival holiday notice. Plastic turnover box products choose Suzhou Qusheng Plastic

by:Qusheng     2021-03-08
After nearly a week of rainy weather, the weather in Suzhou finally cleared up, and the roads became much cleaner and tidy, and even the mood of the people became happier. In a blink of an eye, January of 2019 has passed, and there will be more than ten days to usher in the second month of 2019, which is our traditional spring night. Major operating companies have also issued notices about the holiday of the Spring Festival in 2019 a few days ago or more than a dozen days ago. For example, the hardware machinery industry where Miss Wen’s friend is located has issued information about 2019 as early as the New Year’s Day in late December 2018. The holiday notice for the Spring Festival of New Year, from January 20, 2019 to February 16, 2019, is almost a month of Spring Festival holiday. And the plastic box manufacturer in Suzhou, where Miss Wen is located, also issued a Spring Festival holiday notice on January 12, 2019. The 11-day Spring Festival manufacturer from February 1 to February 11, 2019, makes the hometown far away. The plastic box maker can return to his hometown and build a team with his family. Although the holiday is a bit shorter compared to the hardware and building materials industry, Miss Wen still feels very proud. Who is Qusheng Plastic Box, a service-oriented manufacturing company, especially the parallel industries of the express delivery industry and the logistics industry. Think about the express delivery industry and logistics industry that may not have time for the New Year’s Day holiday, but Ms. Wen has returned to her hometown. Ms. Wen feels satisfied, especially thinking of the express delivery industry and logistics industry that are already struggling on the road. Why is plastic box a front-end parallel industry in the express industry and logistics industry? Here, Miss Wen has to mention the role of plastic boxes, which are mainly used for products or storage, transportation and circulation, and protect products from damage, water, dust, and dust. I thought about the easy turnover of mold. This is the role of plastic boxes, and it is because of this that the industry is called the front-end character industry of the express and logistics industry. Okay, today’s introduction is here. For more information, please bookmark this page or pay attention to Baidu search 'Turnover' You can learn more when you find Qusheng plastic box.
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