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Suzhou Qusheng plastic turnover box, a professional manufacturer of Pokémon plastic turnover boxes for transportation and storage in the new retail era of artificial intelligence

by:Qusheng     2021-03-03
Some time ago, the editor gave you a brief analysis of artificial intelligence transportation and storage, and everyone has a simple understanding of this. Today, the editor continues to share with you the plastic crates, the new retail era of artificial intelligence Pokémon. Everyone knows that with the rise of e-commerce, the marketing industry is no longer the traditional marketing of 'people looking for goods'. In the era of big data resource integration, the marketing model is gradually evolving into 'goods looking for people'. What is 'goods looking for people' is you. When you haven't realized it or just run out of something, the new retail big data will automatically generate an order and present it in front of your eyes. What role does plastic turnover box play in it? Why is it called Pokémon? Let’s briefly analyze it here. Because of the “goods looking for people” marketing model in the new retail era, as a business or seller, it is bound to store a large amount of goods for marketing turnover. Start to play its role. Because of the varying length of marketing product cycles, companies and sellers need to apply a large number of packaging tools to store and transport products for stored products. Traditional paper packaging, due to its non-reusable or short use cycle, can easily increase the cost of business operations, while the plastic turnover box pp waterproof, mildew, moisture-proof material, and the characteristics of continuous reuse, greatly reduce It can reduce the cost of enterprise operation, and can also add a stamping design to protect some products with higher requirements. It is the Pokémon of artificial intelligence transportation and storage in the new retail era. Qusheng turnover box, adhering to the focus, excellent high quality and perfect after-sales service, is well-known in the new retail industry of Suzhou logistics transportation.
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