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Suzhou Qusheng Plastic Turnover Box Private Customization 3 Features Help Customers Personalize Brand Marketing Professional Plastic Turnover Box Manufacturer

by:Qusheng     2021-02-25
Private customization has become a popular vocabulary in recent years, and it is also an important tool for more and more corporate brand marketing. So what are the items that can be customized for the plastic crates that is in contact with logistics, transportation and storage, and how to help customers create What about personalized brand marketing? 1. Due to the plastic turnover injection molding process, extra large panel space can be reserved on all four sides, which is convenient for customers to print various LOGO or company brand names, advertising-slogans and contact-system-style-styles according to their own company's boxes. And so on, can help polite companies build personalized brands and enhance corporate image. Second, you can also customize a variety of colors. Everyone knows that the colors of plastic turnover boxes on the market are mainly blue. In fact, the colors of plastic boxes are very diverse, including blue, white, red, and yellow. , Gray, etc. can be achieved through color matching, and Qusheng plastic box can also customize anti-static turnover boxes, EU boxes, HP Korean logistics boxes, various production line square panels, instrument panels, etc. according to customer requirements. 3. In addition to printing various LOGO and color customization, Qusheng plastic box plastic can also open new molds according to customer needs. For example, some time ago Qusheng plastic box opened a special for beer, fresh food, cold chain, food, etc. for a distribution company in Suzhou. The applied specification is 1165*465*258 plastic box, and the heavy weight of a single box is very large, up to 40KG, which is deeply loved by customers. This is the end of the introduction of Qusheng turnover box customization to help client companies build personalized brands. If you want to know more about the content of plastic boxes, you can contact-link-style consultation at the top of the page. Qusheng plastic box sincerely looks forward to your arrival.
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