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by:Qusheng     2021-03-08
A new term and an unfamiliar term for a channel dealer in a different industry, Miss Wen was also confused when she heard these words. In current terms, she was confused and confused. Everyone knows that there is never a shortage of industries in the world, from primitive manual manufacturing to modern industrial manufacturing, and there are many sub-industries. Such as: catering and tourism, real estate, automobiles, textiles and clothing, hardware machinery and other industries related to manufacturing and sales. So what is a different industry channel business? For this reason, the information of all parties consulted by Ms. Wen still does not understand the meaning of different industries. Perhaps it is the current electronics industry, digital information, network media, or the emerging express logistics, distribution and transportation industries in recent years, but there is no one. Detailed concept. So what role does an ordinary but not ordinary turnover box play in such many industries? Why is it said that the turnover box can integrate multiple channels of different industries? Before that, we need to have a detailed understanding of plastic turnover, especially the role of plastic turnover, and its related upstream and downstream industries. There are many functions of the turnover box, Miss Wen will not explain to everyone one by one, today we will mainly talk about the related industries of turnover box? It can be said a lot. What are the specific industries? For example, upstream companies, petroleum, plastics, machinery, and electronics are all closely related to turnover boxes. Downstream companies need to use them in more manufacturing, sales, transportation, and service industries. So why is the application of turnover boxes so widespread? The main reason is its performance, which is suitable for storing and transporting various large and small products, which creates an important role for the integration of plastic turnover channels. So today’s introduction is over. I hope it will be helpful to you. If you want to know more about the turnover box, you can also browse the other knowledge pages of its turnover box.
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