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Suzhou Qusheng Standard Stackable Dustproof Plastic Turnover Box|Professional manufacturer of plastic turnover box to solve 4 major problems in the production process

by:Qusheng     2021-02-25
Qusheng plastic box standard stackable dustproof plastic turnover box is a plastic turnover box independently developed and designed by European standards. The box body is made of new and excellent high-impact modified PPPE materials. Its advanced technology and mold design have greatly solved the four major problems in the production process. Today, when small and medium-sized enterprises are everywhere, the following four major problems of rush, transportation, turnover, and production management are generally encountered in the production process of enterprises. How to solve these four problems? First of all, we start to answer the question from the source. Whether it is a small or medium-sized enterprise or a large enterprise, in the production process, they will encounter production management problems, the management of the production process, the management of the raw materials and product accessories and tools of the products, and the finished products Class management. Qusheng plastic box stackable standard dust-proof plastic crates (all products can be designed with cover and dust-proof design) If the above management of product manufacturing process is not done well, it will be a great loss and waste to the enterprise. First, the confusion of the manufacturing process will result in waste of product production output, and then the management of product raw materials and accessories. Now more than 4/5 of the products on the market are not formed by a single raw material, but more need to be processed by various raw materials and accessories. Combined, how to manage these original parts, accessories and tools and how to avoid waste. As early as when the world's first factory was opened, this problem was solved well, and it has been used to this day. The company arranges the production process and releases production according to customer orders. The production workshop uses the corresponding raw material accessories and tool combinations according to the production process. Because of the large number of raw materials required for production, the tools used to obtain the raw materials are generally sacks. Later, it was discovered that the irregularities of the sacks caused the products. The collision of raw materials causes huge losses. Moreover, some fine raw materials require a good storage and transportation environment. The air permeability of the sacks is not mildew-proof and moisture-proof, which also causes many products to be damaged, which virtually increases operating costs. With the development of science and technology, Qusheng Turnover Boxes, carton interviews, and product management in the production process began to gradually refer to cartons, but the application of cartons has not solved the problems in the production process. In particular, the carton is not durable and fragile. Basically, it cannot be used a few times before it is quickly scrapped because it is not waterproof or not resistant to falling. The factory has to purchase new cartons again, which virtually increases the operating cost of the factory. . Until the advent of plastic boxes, the problems of waterproof, mildew, moisture, and dustproof in the production process of the factory were basically properly solved. The plastic boxes are made of PP or PE materials. PP, PE, polypropylene and polyethylene are a kind of water-proof production materials. Various products are manufactured through cold fixing and molding. Plastic boxes are one of them, especially standard stackable dustproof plastic boxes, which are developed and designed according to European standards. It is universally used in rush, transportation, turnover and production in the production process of various enterprises. Qusheng plastic box is a stackable dust-proof plastic turnover box with a cover and dust-proof design, which has a good dust, mildew, and moisture-proof effect on electronic components, product accessories, instrumentation and other accessories, and good protection The product is not damaged, which greatly reduces operating costs. Qusheng Co., Ltd.——Focus on plastic crates manufacturer, trustworthy! Qusheng Co., Ltd. Address: No. 252, Xinhua Road, Wangting Town, Xiangcheng District, Suzhou City
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