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Suzhou QushengEU4633 Gray Plastic Turnover Box|Professional manufacturer of plastic turnover box with 5 characteristics, N+1 items

by:Qusheng     2021-02-26
2018-11-15 Hello everyone: I am EU4633 plastic turnover box, gray is my essential color, of course, as an excellent plastic turnover box, if you need I can change my any color white, blue, red, Black anti-static turnover box or more colors, but also can be printed with various LOGO according to your needs to meet your various requirements, and can be customized. What are my specifications? This is not good for statistics. According to the current statistics, there are many specifications such as 300*200*120, 400*000*120, 400*300*175, 400*230*230, 600*400*120, as long as you can think of Yes, I can satisfy you, am I very strong? Come and admire it! What are my characteristics? What I am proud of is that I have 5 characteristics, which are the 5 characteristics? This is a bit long. First of all, I have four ears with non-slip hollow handles. Whether you are two people or one person, you can easily carry me. Isn't it very convenient and fast? 2. I have a large area of u200bu200bblank space left and right, so you can scribble on it, add things company name, phone number, phone number, code or even mood story. 3. The corners of my four sides are designed with stiffeners, which not only can bear the weight, but also enhance the stability of the stack. Fourth, the design of the ribs at the bottom. My manufacturer Qusheng Plastic Box Plastic Co., Ltd. has designed a lot of very dense small grid designs for me. What are the benefits of this? Of course, it is also to increase the bearing capacity. I secretly reveal that my weight is in addition to the conventional weight of 15kg, 20kg, 25kg, 30kg, and 40kg. I can't remember this wrong. First of all, if it is too heavy, it is not only unfavorable for handling, but also because of the stacking, it is easy to crush the goods at the bottom, so it is not recommended to customize a single box with a heavy weight. Having finished talking about my characteristics, now I am talking about the usefulness of me as a multifunctional EU4633 plastic box. When it comes to usefulness, I am very proud of it. It contains products such as watermelon, sesame, potatoes, tomatoes... It was installed by my brother's plastic turnover basket. What are my main uses? I can install all auto parts such as screws, nuts, bearings, rotation, and rotating shafts, as well as electronic hardware accessories, sensors, connectors, switches, sockets, I can also install them for many uses, Shuye said no It's over! Then I gave a strong introduction to my brother, EU Korean plastic turnover box-this is my direct brother. The product name and shape are completely derived from my EU4633 plastic turnover box, and it has a wide range of uses. Well, my story ends here today, remember that the powerful plastic turnover box is me-EU4633 plastic turnover box, Qusheng plastic box plastic crates manufacturer is my home.
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