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by:Qusheng     2020-11-14
Company staff friends:
in our work to a high degree of awareness, independent and have the courage to take responsibility, to in the reform and development of the company, carry on a drive, a kind of spirit, a fiery passion, consciously assume the revitalization of the company's mission, leading to revive the company, in order to speed up the development of open circuit. We want to create a director think, dare to director, director, director, achieving it working environment. To this end, we sent the company all staff initiative:
a, self-starter, passion for work, be a leader in the industry. Always keep uplifting the spirit of the state and strenuous enterprising spirit, will win the enterprise and the recognition and respect of others, just can have more exercise and promotion, the rewards will be followed and the reward. Therefore, both leaders and employees to consciously active, passion to work, do what needs to be done, and actively promote the company, for the company development, somewhat to hope oneself can excel, as employees, always remember and try to practice this initiative and enterprise's philosophy with work is crucial, expectations can work passion and efforts to satisfy the business enterprise, will have better career prospects.
2, the foothold official duty, solid work, be the main force of company development. To foothold official duty, continuous innovation and enterprising, intelligence and innovation spirit, take an active part in learning, skills training, to give more rationalization proposals, technological innovation, to create first-rate, wuxi, solid work, the pursuit of excellence, to offer wisdom and strength to the labor post, efforts to create extraordinary performance on ordinary post, achieve sustained rapid harmonious development for the company to make greater contribution.
3, resource conservation, energy efficiency, be the pioneer of saving energy and reducing consumption. We will in thinking and action of consistent with the company development. To save energy and improve energy efficiency, that is to ensure normal production and operation of the enterprises, to realize the sustainable development of the company health forever, also is the enterprise to adapt to market needs, reduce costs, increase efficiency, improve environment, enhance the competitiveness of enterprises an inevitable choice. 'Practice to cultivate one's morality, frugal with virtue', thrift is a habit, is a virtue, is a kind of strength, from scratch, start from the intravenous drip, firmly rejected lights don't turn off the lights, bad habits such as screw does not close the tap water out, save every once electricity, every drop of water, let's remind each other, mutual supervision, save energy into everyone's conscious action, to promote the profit increase, saving for the development of enterprises make their own efforts!
4, study hard, comprehensive development, be high quality workers. Opportunity is hope, struggle to glory, we should firmly establish the concept of lifelong learning, armed themselves with the modern science and technology culture knowledge, drilling technology, excellence, hard to master all kinds of professional skills, mastering many skills while specializing in one. Between different posts and the people want to learn from each other, promote each other, merit, rushed to build wuxi, honest and trustworthy, fair and good professional ethics.
employees, my friends, let us act now, cheer up, go forward, for better tomorrow and struggle, effort!
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