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Talk about some issues about the price of plastic tray

by:Qusheng     2020-11-04
price now in south China, east China's coastal regions, mostly mainland enterprises of Plastic collapsible cratethat is well is more and more fun, but the Plastic collapsible cratein the domestic logistics warehousing industry throughout rate is still low, is the guangdong area throughout rate is higher, but in today, plastic tray price it was disappointing.

plastic tray price most production, export enterprises to continue to use have harm wooden pallets, also refused to acquire investment environmental protection plastic tray.

some enterprises to purchase plastic tray is only just for the sake of satisfying western country customer requirement.

'rogue' plastic pallet price option is their passive purchasing plastic tray products for export goods.

plastic pallet prices capital is obstacle to mass using one of the main elements of plastic tray, pop a plastic tray is 2 - roughly price The price of the three wooden pallets.

we analyze the thought of using plastic tray to cope with high worker turnover rate, shorten the delivery cycle, safety subject aspects of battle. Reduce the security hidden danger of environmental protection.

from the long term, plastic tray has the advantages of more plastic tray price thus we launched more enterprises purchasing plastic tray.

is upfront costs are higher, but in the face of domestic higher requirements for environmental protection, early investment is also a good choice.
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