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The advantage of plastic tray

by:Qusheng     2020-10-27
* in terms of corrosion resistance, Plastic collapsible crateis best, plastic wood, steel tray worst; * in the moisture resistance, plastic tray performance; * on the bug eat by moth resistance, best steel pallet, plastic pallet, * in terms of the average life expectancy, two steel pallet and plastic tray; * on the pallet weight, paper, wooden pallets have certain advantages; * on the bearing capacity, steel tray the best effect; The paper tray is poor; * on the use of performance, plastic and steel pallet is superior to paper, wood pallets; * on the price of tray, wood tray have advantages, paper and plastic wood, steel tray is the most expensive. However, because in actual use, according to different purposes, some pallets are other varieties are difficult to replace. Such as carrying heavy items, steel tray has its irreplaceability. But overall, plastic tray, plastic wood composite and paper will be a promising product, and among them the most for plastic tray.
transportation advantage ( 1) Pallet handling, can be used to improve working conditions, eliminate heavy physical labor; ( 2) Homework time are greatly reduced, shorter delivery time, truck transportation rate; Forklift driver one can usually ten people work, if the goods are scattered or heavier, to say the one dry is equivalent to twenty people work; ( 3) Tray conveying rare damage of the goods. Human, when handling, due to fatigue, mistakes, the goods were damaged happens; ( 4) Use tray has a certain amount of cargo capacity, delivery number can prevent errors, easy to manage the number; ( 5) Can effectively storage place of consolidation to implement the three-dimensional custody; ( 6) Automatic stereoscopic warehouse, warehouse shelves, etc. , without the tray, its function cannot be achieved; ( 7) Factory implementation of unmanned handling must have a tray; ( 8) Can make handling operation process plan and schedule. As a disadvantage, tray itself has a certain weight and volume, together with the goods delivery will produce excess weight and volume of the space. But the disadvantages and advantages compared to a much smaller, so the factory of the world's advanced countries and distribution warehouse, distribution center must use pallets, etc.
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