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The advantages and disadvantages of hollow blow molding plastic tray

by:Qusheng     2020-11-04
Blow molding tray based on high density polyethylene resin as raw material, USES the German first-class production equipment and the world advanced blow molding process, it has a light weight and high impact strength, corrosion resistance, durability, large bearing capacity, prevent slippery wait for an advantage. Relative to our common injection molding plastic tray, what are the strengths and weaknesses of the hollow blow molding plastic tray?

is often used in the industrial production of plastic tray, plastic tray with use and become different, the kinds of hollow Plastic collapsible crateis a kind of special, it is in the middle of the dents, so will be able to carry more goods, make full use of space, but also has disadvantages, hollow plastic tray can't carry heavy items. So the plastic tray are good and bad, we should make full use of its advantages and avoid its shortcomings, then the following to know about the advantages and disadvantages of hollow plastic tray.

the advantages of hollow plastic tray

less money:
with large hollow blow molding machine production of hollow blow molding tray, multi-usage, reduce the cost of investment, and mould cost is low, less investment.

good appearance:
according to the characteristics of the products bearing, from mechanics principle, in the mold design on different arrangement of circular column and different directions of grooves, make the products with non-slip surface particles, due to the use of chilled water cooling fast, make the products surface level off, have higher dimensional accuracy.

good performance:
products by extrusion blow molding, rapid molding process, material in high melting state rapidly blowing cooling stereotypes, can eliminate internal stress, make the products internal quality and stable performance, in line with national standards.

good safety:
no combustion, non-conductive, non-slip, no burr, flash, no other auxiliary connections, can ensure the safety of the goods and the operators.

long life:
products by adding stabilizer can improve the outdoor life, general conditions available more than 5 years; Under the bad environment available for 2 years. The service life of 5 to 7 times of the wooden pallets, steel tray 2 ~ 3 times.

the disadvantage of hollow plastic tray

after processing process complex:
hollow blow molding tray processing after the process is relatively complex, each flash products ( Accounts for about 30% of the total parts) All need nap, and repair of a large number of flash to be split, broken, and each with a chainsaw products in 24 h after cooling cut cut fork, the leftover material also to be shattered.

the production efficiency is low:
when the production of hollow blow molding tray is using frozen water cooling, in order to improve the products quality and productivity, but because of the products have larger flash, the overall consumption of raw materials is more, which requires the equipment has a high enough plasticizing capacity, to shorten the molding cycle. Hollow blow molding tray forming period is longer, general each cycle for 5 ~ 6 min; And injection molding trays per cycle is about 3 min, relatively low production efficiency.

products low stiffness:
due to different forming methods, injection is better than the stiffness of hollow blow molding tray tray, although can through strengthening agent was added to improve the stiffness of the products, but filling reinforcing agent and will speed up the equipment the wear and tear of the screw.

the advantages and disadvantages of hollow plastic tray contrast analysis can more in-depth understanding, convenient, also can help people know the advantages and disadvantages of the memory of it. In fact, in addition to the advantages and disadvantages, we still have a lot of hollow Plastic collapsible crateneed to know, such as its application as well as its principle, the most attention or about its procurement, hollow plastic tray procurement has many aspects need attention, its transport has always been the major problem of people, because the volume is too big, especially automotive resources waste.

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