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The advantages of nine foot type plastic tray

by:Qusheng     2020-10-29
There are many many types of plastic tray, why nine feet plastic tray so popular now, so what's the advantage, it some outsiders are not so understand. Now I have to interpret.
analysis nine foot type plastic pallet basically see the advantages of its own weight and structure; From the aspects of structure, it can use the manual hydraulic vehicle can into the fork and all directions; Due to sichuan font hotan word there is bar at the bottom of the plastic tray, sichuan type plastic tray can only machinery forklift truck from the side into the fork, manual forklift because there are wheels can't into the fork from the side, special field type for all around is not can use the manual hydraulic vehicle; We design field type, sichuan and font, double-sided plastic tray is designed according to the shelves, so we must first consider their buy plastic tray with what type of forklift truck, or buy the wrong plastic tray, replacement cost would be very well. From the aspects of weight, the weight of the nine foot type Plastic collapsible craterelatively than tian font, font, double side, sichuan to light some, because is nine at the bottom of the light, so greatly save the tray at the bottom of the materials; Everyone understand what mainly according to the material the price of plastic tray, the greater the weight of pallet the cost will be high ( Under the condition of the same pure raw material) 。 So it is because of the price is cheap, lighter weight was welcomed by buyers. There are nine foot type plastic tray can be nested pile up, sit idle time can save a lot of space. But no matter how good product all have advantages and disadvantages, because of relatively good structure of light weight, so its quality is general, the relatively small weight. Hope you buy must according to the use of factory environment and put what product to choose suitable plastic tray.
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