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The advantages of plastic card board

by:Qusheng     2021-03-09
The advantages of plastic card board plastic pallet manufacturers to tell everyone what is the advantage of the advantages of plastic card board. 1, in terms of corrosion resistance, good plastic card board, plastic wood, steel card board is poor; 2, in terms of resistance to moisture, plastic card board performance; 3, on the bug eat by moth resistance, good steel card board, plastic board, 4, in terms of the average life expectancy, steel and plastic card board two card board; 5, on the weight of card board, paper, wood, card board has certain advantages; 6, on the bearing capacity, steel card board effect is good. Paper card board is poorer; 7, on the use of performance, plastic and steel is superior to paper card board, wood card board; 8, on the price of card board, wooden card board have an advantage, paper and plastic wood, steel card board is expensive. However, because in actual use, according to different purposes, some card board is other varieties are difficult to replace. Such as carrying heavy items, steel card board has its irreplaceability. But overall, plastic, plastic wood composite and paper card board will be a promising product, which is good for plastic card board. The above is plastic pallet manufacturers and organize information for everyone, I hope to be of help.
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