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The advantages of plastic tray in disinfection, etc

by:Qusheng     2020-11-01
Of advanced industry now is very strict with the work environment, work in some specific scenarios need to be sterile tray, and Plastic collapsible cratehas a great advantage in this respect.

in the first place, because the plastic tray itself has good corrosion resistance performance, in large quantities of disinfection work, Plastic collapsible cratecan be used directly to soak. And for wooden pallets may lead to deformation of the tray, and may cause rusting metal tray.
second, plastic pallet few debris fell, in a highly demanding environment, keep the environment clean and tidy is very important.
in the end, the Plastic collapsible cratecan adapt to various environmental conditions, in high temperature or low temperature, high humidity or dry environment all can use.
it is because of many advantages of plastic tray, which makes production in the pharmaceutical, food production, fine electronic products in areas such as have the use of plastic tray.

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