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The advantages of plastic tray with seven characteristics do you understand

by:Qusheng     2020-11-10
Plastic tray ( 托盘) Is a forklift, shelves and other logistics equipment supporting the use of logistics unit. Can be used to storage, loading, transporting goods, it is one of the essential to modern logistics, warehousing and logistics equipment. The emergence of the plastic tray is to meet the need of environmental protection, use plastic pallet instead of wood tray can reduce the damage to the forest of the best products; Is the inevitable product adapt to the development of logistics industry, along with the continuously strengthen the concept of food safety, the pharmaceutical industry of the high demand for sexual health, plastic tray, with its corrosion resistance, moisture proof, anticorrosion, bug eat by moth, mildew resistance characteristics in food and pharmaceutical industries and demand. In addition, the plastic tray bearing the characteristics of high performance and long service life, in the chemical industry, textile, manufacturing, and other fields has been widely used.

plastic tray suitable for chemical, petrochemical, food, aquatic products, feed, clothing, footwear, electronics, electrical appliances, ports, docks, food, biological medicine, machinery, hardware, automobile manufacturing, petrochemical industry, three-dimensional warehouse, logistics, warehouse handling, storage shelves, auto parts, beer, beverage, electronic textile printing and dyeing, printing and packaging, logistics center and other industries.

the seven characteristics:

1. All pluggable, easy to operate;

  2. Is suitable for stacking to each other in the warehouse, and is suitable for use in all kinds of shelves;

  3. Suitable for all kinds of trucks, convenient unitized, unitized transport of materials;

  4. Convenient transport tools such as forklifts, hydraulic pallet truck operation;

  5. Cooperate with antiskid rubber, ensure material in the process of handling and transportation will not slip;

  6. Long service life, and to follow bad to use;

  7. to use safety, hygiene, insect-resistant moth-proofing, do not need to repair.

is affected by production mold ( Design complex, expensive) Randomness, the structure and size of Plastic collapsible crateis poor, enterprises must constantly develop and enrich its product range gradually. But for the special size requirements, sometimes also can't meet. Due to the plastic tray for a basic shape, it can be repair after damage is very low, after damaged to a certain extent, can only be scrapped, but wastes can be recycled. When purchasing a one-time investment is larger, general for the wooden tray 2 - 5 times. Plastic pallets are widely adopted in warehousing, transportation, warehousing logistics products.
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