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The advantages of the blow molding plastic tray and specifications

by:Qusheng     2020-11-03
Blow molding plastic tray
the advantages of using high molecular weight high density polyethylene as raw material, the material in the condition of high melt extrusion a quick blow to finalize the design, can eliminate internal stress, to ensure that products molding, internal quality and stable performance. Can add the corresponding additives according to different purposes, economical and practical.
product modelling is novel and chic, reasonable structure design, surface no nails, no thorns, no damage to the goods, also won't hurt the operator. Tray surface has raised anti-slip granules, suitable for forklift truck in the transport process is stable and reliable.
low impact strength is high, Especially under the condition of low temperature) Durable, high security.
low light, smooth, beautiful, tasteless non-toxic, corrosion resistance, moisture resistance, washing resistance, no rust, no water, long mildew.
double use, forklift truck transportation, improve the mechanical work efficiency and ensure the quality of warehouse storage.
low carrying capacity: static load: 6 t; Dynamic load: 2 t.
* 3 years warranty service.
blow molding plastic pallet specifications

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