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The appearance of different plastic tray

by:Qusheng     2020-11-04
Add plastic filling material of plastic tray appearance:
1, plastic filler such as talc ( White) Than new materials ( White) Is a lot cheaper, after added, can make the plastic pallet surface gloss looks brighter, as the saying goes, light a bit false, is not normal, and reduces the production cost.
2, many people mistakenly believe that the plastic tray is a new material, but the Plastic collapsible crateis shorter service life, and it is difficult to achieve the marked weight, even add some back to the material of the plastic tray.

back or in the back part of the material Plastic collapsible crateappearance:
1, the color is darker, more black spots, impurities in the back part.
2, color is very dark, black spots, many impurities are all back to the material processing.
3, trample or knock corner crack, material is very brittle, inelastic.

the appearance of high quality plastic tray features:
1, the surface of the plastic pallet without burrs, thorn.
2, uniform color, no black spots and impurities.
3, plastic tray, brightness moderate, coordination.
4, good toughness and elasticity slightly.
5, trample tapping edges or no crack.

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