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The application of plastic pallet in warehouse logistics

by:Qusheng     2021-02-28
Plastic pallet use plastic tray in the logistics in the logistics industry is more and more popular, now bazaar Plastic collapsible crateproportion is increasing, it replaces the traditional basic the use of wooden pallets, become the main body of the logistics. The proper use of the plastic tray, plastic tray manufacturer can make the goods out of the ground, moistureproof, insect-resistant, use for a long time no fading, no pollution bearing products, and save storage space. is divided into static and dynamic, the use of according to customer demand across the country to provide sales and recycling plastic tray service. Provide food box rental and sales service, for customers to provide quality storage and display apparatus; With plastic tray cleaning and disinfection of service, guarantee the safety and health of the goods, according to the customer demand to provide toad back service, and expedite the delivery service 24 hours a day. can be very good storage, storage, loading and unloading cargo handling, distribution, save labor costs and handling time reduce transportation costs. Each big enterprise in the choose and buy when the plastic pallet, plastic pallet manufacturers please select normal manufacturer, can guarantee the quality and safety of plastic tray products. The production technology of Plastic collapsible crate1 and mold injection molding machine can be divided into clamping device and injection device. Clamping device is open and close mold to perform stripping operations, have shown the toggle mode, and the use of hydraulic cylinder directly open and close mold way of direct pressure. 2, injection mold, mold is to point to: plastic pallet manufacturers to resin material to make some kind of shape, and to undertake injection into resin metal type. Has dissolved material from the gate into the mould through the passage again and fill in the mold cavity flow gate. 3, injection molding products: plastic pallet manufacturers forming product is by the gate, import, flowing into the melted resin flow and products division of mold cavity. As a result of a forming operation can only make a product, so the efficiency is not high. If can use link flow several module slot, can at the same time, forming a number of products.
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