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The application of plastic pallets in the warehouse

by:Qusheng     2020-11-01
application is particularly common in the warehouse warehouse, plastic tray can rapid induction and turnover items. Plastic pallet manufacturers today for the application of the plastic tray warehouse.

1, the use of plastic pallet stacking goods, can increase the capacity utilization, saving space, realizing the maximization of resource use warehouse space.
2, warehouse application of plastic tray, tray unit to unit, facilitate the inventory and management, reduce errors, improve efficiency directly.
3, Plastic collapsible cratefor warehouse operations, can greatly improve labor efficiency, save human resources, reduce the inventory cost.
4, when carrying goods flow, can be more convenient, speed up the production plan implementation and completion.

as used in the warehouse shelves, want to consider the size of shelf width and depth, usually put two pieces of tray selection type shelves on each floor, and about 200 mm apart of storage space. Large size is given in the depth direction and do not produce the plastic pallet load capacity required, in order to save purchasing cost.

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