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The booster of the unbounded ecological plastic turnover box industry! Suzhou plastic turnover box

by:Qusheng     2021-03-02
Ms. Wen read an article some time ago, and I don’t remember what the name is. It’s a bit long, so it doesn’t take up space in the public domain. Probably the content is about the complementary roles of express delivery, warehousing, crowdsourcing and other B2B logistics industries under the impact of the e-commerce industry. The content of the article makes a detailed analysis of the online shopping trend in the next 5 years. Whether optimistic or not, we can see that online shopping will continue to rise in the next 3-5 years. In this case, the manufacturing, transportation, and packaging industries will not do everything they can to hope to get a share of the online shopping, especially the gradual maturity of the 020 sales model, which has brought companies and customers closer. distance. From the original wave-shaped relationship, it is directly shortened to a straight line distance, eliminating many intermediate links. The packaging industry plays an indispensable role in it, especially the many uncontrollable factors in the period between product manufacturing and reaching users. . Packaging, product packaging is a good way to circumvent and reduce many uncontrollable factors in the middle of the process, and the packaging of plastic turnover boxes has a very good protective effect on product safety. Especially in industrial products, because of the delicate nature of industrial products and the timeliness of manufacturing, the requirements for packaging are inevitably higher. At this time, we must hope that the products can be delivered or presented to Party B’s customers as quickly as possible. The plastic crates is widely used in industrial manufacturing and industrial transportation because of its sturdiness and practicality. Here we have to mention Qusheng Co., Ltd., which is a limited company specializing in the production and manufacture of plastic crates products. The company was established in the autumn of 2012. From the following small plastic turnover box processing plant, it took 6 years to gradually become A growing manufacturer of plastic crates for BMW, Honda, JD.com and Ali. This is something to celebrate. Of course, the hard work and efforts of all aspects of Qusheng plastic box are also indispensable. Today, the plastic boxes that have received many recognitions are presented in front of everyone. The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. Of course, today’s results and Qusheng plastic box are far from enough. Whether it is now or in the future, we will do our best to live every day, make every plastic box, and strive to serve more customers. , Qusheng plastic box industrial plastic box unbounded ecology industry booster! ! !
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