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The buyer shallow plastic trays acceptance criteria

by:Qusheng     2020-11-05
have found application in various industries, such as food, medical, transportation, foreign trade, clothing, etc. , relatively speaking, the requirements of food and drugs is higher, the acceptance criteria is different also. Actually when buyer receive the goods in the acceptance also does not have a unified acceptance criteria, mainly based on the tray of product quality standard and the enterprise to use the experiences of the tray, force library suye summarized below acceptance standard here.

a, appearance: the eyes, hand over and take a ruler, weighing
1, with the eyes, the same color products should be consistent. Tray of fasteners should be higher than the surface of the tray, fastening parts without the drum, outcrop phenomenon, can reliable connected components, and there should be a non-slip performance, to ensure the safe operation in the process of transportation, loading and unloading stacking. Cargo trays allow when stored flat stacking three layers, the empty tray should steadily multi-layer stacking.
2, with the hand touch: adopt the method of visual feel. The outer surface of the tray should be smooth, no burr, no flash, no effect to use crack and deformation;
3, with a ruler: acceptance of pallet size. Buy the tray appearance size should be within the specified tolerance range. Even tray outside profile of the size of the tolerance is usually 0 ~ - 6mm。 In order to meet the tolerances specified in, some materials, because of the contraction in manufacturing needs to have a positive tolerance, this kind of tray manufacturing tolerance is + / - 3 mm.

4, weighing: tray of self-respect. Tray of self-respect tray is also an important index, under the same other indicators, tray of the weight of the lighter the better, it can improve the payload of the tray. For some material tray at the same time, gravity is directly affect the price of the factors, such as the price of the Plastic collapsible crateis largely priced by dead weight of pallet. Weight deviation in + 0. 5 kg

plastic nine feet tray, tray performance acceptance criteria:
1, the static load test of plastic tray
test load: P = 6000 kg
24 h after test no effect to use the
2, crack and deformation of plastic tray dynamic load test
test load: P = 1500 kg
duration: 0. No effect after 5 h
test using crack and deformation of the

3, stacking test: test load P = 1100 kg
24 h after test deformation: 4 mm or less
no effect to use the
4, crack and deformation Angle drop test
drop height: 500 mm
after test, no influence diagonal rate
1% or less use of crack and deformation.
5, uniform loading strength test
load test: 1. 1 p = 1100 kg
24 h after test, the deflection rate of 5% or less
no effect to use crack and deformation.

buyer when the goods according to certain standards for acceptance, can avoid the risk of incomplete and unqualified product cost, safeguard their own interests. Communication in a timely manner to solve the problems in time. Plastic pallet manufacturers, of course, also have constrained production quality standards and management norms, unqualified substandard products are not outbound shipment, this is normal manufacturer process, buyer have corresponding acceptance criteria, of course, on the one hand can eliminate informal manufacturers, safeguard their own interests. On the other hand can also standardization process for purchasing goods, promote the development of enterprises.

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