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The cautions of plastic tray

by:Qusheng     2020-10-26
To adapt to the environment temperature: - 25℃-80℃( Try to avoid the sun sunlight and away from heat) 。 All products can be according to customer request processing into the anti-static products, See technology center) 。 The quality guarantee period: under normal use, the product quality guarantee period is one year ( 12 months) , is broken by a change, so the fee shall be borne by the supplier ( Limited domestic) And the supplier to deal with problems arising from the use process have maintenance obligations, Except belong to product quality problem, artificial damage) 。 Buying plastic tray should choose a good manufacturer.
it is important to note that dynamic load, load, the difference between the library shelves load and vertical load, the bearing capacity of different structure, environment temperature and storage period there is a close relationship.
plastic card board forklift product size error of plus or minus 2%, the weight of error of plus or minus 3%, all belong to enterprise standards allow. Free service if you have any questions after the quality guarantee period, if there is any breakage three bad card board can change a new card board, so the cost borne by the demand side. Plastic pallet industry future development should be five big breakthrough
China plastic pallet running overall situation is good, continue to maintain steady and rapid development, the basic and the development of national economy and macro regulation and control goal, stability, coordination. But there are still some problems to breakthrough.
at present, the economic development environment at home and abroad is still facing very complex, unstable and uncertain factors. Comprehensive judgement, but in the second half of China's plastic tray run more advantages than disadvantages, will continue to maintain steady and rapid development, and strive to achieve with other industries and promote mutual fusion, accelerated plastic pallet industry development mode change, on the basis of continue to provide strong support for the development of national economy. 'Preliminary estimated around 14% growth in 2011, domestic plastic tray, plastic tray industry added value growth around 13%, 8% ~ 9% can support the domestic economy level of growth. '闫淑君 thought. The Ministry of Commerce, said an official with the relevant departments of the short-term safe China plastic pallet industry, but in the long run, to promote the overall level of ascension, China plastic pallet must solve five problems:
it is inside the plastic tray efficiency is low, the domestic plastic tray in proportion to the total costs and per capita GDP higher than that of developed countries about double; Domestic plastic pallet total costs and per capita gross domestic product ratio of 18%, and has been in the first half of the 17th. About 9%, year-on-year increase of 0. 1%. Cost of plastic pallet, the proportion of GDP per capita is the comparison of the international recognized the measure of a country or a region of the plastic pallet industry development level and the operational efficiency standard. It is understood that in the western developed countries, the high cost of human plastic pallet cost proportion of GDP per capita is commonly 8% ~ 10%. China plastic pallet cost is more than double that of developed countries.
2 is a professional plastic tray domestic plastic tray demand and the problem of insufficient supply ability exist at the same time, 'instead of', 'conveniently small' plastic tray operation mode are fairly common; This requires enterprises in the face of market demand and improve their own hardware conditions do more efforts, improve themselves, to make it more adapt to the needs of the society.
3 it is plastic tray infrastructure capacity is insufficient, has yet to establish a rational layout and smooth cohesion, ability fully convenient and efficient integrated transport system, technology and equipment, plastic tray Plastic collapsible cratepark should improve ur capability, etc;
4 it is local blockade and monopoly industries to resource integration and operation integration barriers, Plastic collapsible cratemarket enough specification;
5 is plastic tray technology, personnel training, and Plastic collapsible cratestandard also cannot completely meet the requirements, plastic tray service organization and intensive degree is not high. Plastic pallet manufacturers WWW. qihuatuopan。 Smooth net
these problems solving not only needs the efforts of the industry, card board also need relevant national industry guidance and support, the direction of the country with a large led card board the development of the enterprise, make enterprise can have a clear direction, so that enterprises in how to make self-improvement, how to adapt to the market, all have a clear goal!
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