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The characteristics of Qusheng plastic turnover box professional manufacturer of plastic turnover box

by:Qusheng     2021-02-26
1. The plastic crates is made of co-polypropylene and polyethylene, with light weight and long service life. 2. External dimensions refer to the dimensions of the logistics box with a lid. 3. Whether there is a standard inner concave and outward turning box cover. 4. The carrying capacity of the logistics box refers to the evenly placed carrying capacity within the range of adapting to the ambient temperature. 5. It can be stacked and stored to save space. 6. There is a large area of u200bu200bnon-slip leather pattern on the surface of the box cover, which is easy to stick labels. At the same time, it increases the friction when stacking with the bottom of the box and improves the stability. 7. The long side wall of the box has a rib design to improve the loading capacity and reduce the deformation rate of the side wall. 8. The connection between the zigzag box cover and the box body is reasonable to ensure the strength and smooth opening. The box covers can be freely engaged with each other without jamming. After closing, the box body is sealed to ensure the sealing of the box body and the pressure during stacking. 9. The bottom of the box is designed with anti-skid leather pattern, which helps to improve the stability of the turnover box during storage and stacking, and it runs more smoothly on the assembly line. 10. After the lids are closed, they are stacked properly with each other. There are stacking limit blocks on the short side to limit the position to prevent misalignment and displacement and ensure that they will not slide when fully loaded.
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