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The characteristics of the field type plastic tray is introduced

by:Qusheng     2020-10-30
Field type refers to the bottom of the tray Plastic collapsible crateplastic tray for field type, its surface is grid type and flat type two kinds. The tray suitable for machinery forklift, electric forklift truck. Also can form a complete set of hydraulic forklift used, a lot of people have a misunderstanding, think tian plastic tray is not suitable for hydraulic forklift, actually this is totally wrong, hydraulic forklift hole can be extended field word, so you can contact with the ground to use.
1. Tian word belongs to a single tray plastic tray, commonly used in libraries, logistics or packaging for products are exported to more extensive, most field type Plastic collapsible crateused in handling equipment can be all around into the function of the fork.
2. Field type plastic tray can implement use and stacking mode stack shelves.
3. A integrated field type plastic tray, most field grid type Plastic collapsible cratecan realize a molding process.
4. Welding type, that is, plastic tray consists of two pieces of plastic injection, respectively, after using the method of hot melt together, this kind of product process more. Basic it is used in the production of the tablet field type plastic tray.
5. Splicing type, the difference between this kind of product type and welding is not adopted by the hot melt when product together, and on the two products are reserved card slot or reserved hole on plate, convenient for the two boards together with accessories.

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