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The Chinese market anti-mugabe PP supply imbalance copolymerization price? !

by:Qusheng     2020-11-13
According to the chemical industry trade data show, 1-2011 5 months, the Chinese market PP homopolymerization and copolymerization of material price difference between the the shrinking, as of June 10, parts of copolymerization market mainstream clinch a deal the price is lower than the local price. The main cause of this phenomenon, some market analysts believe is mainly caused by domestic petrochemical production scheduling. , according to the statistical data to trade in the first half of this year, continuous and stable production scheduling PP copolymer brand of large equipment include: the dushanzi 320000 tons/year of new and old device double, yanshan petrochemical (200000 tons/year; Sand in the petrochemical 450000 tons/year PP; Maoming petrochemical 170000 tons/year 1 # PP device and Shanghai petrochemical and yangzi petrochemical device of batch production for the domestic copolymerization supply source is increased, prices are declining. Have informed sources mentioned before: 450000 tons of sand in the petrochemical/capacity plan in mid-june parking minor repair, and maintenance to complete the back production PP homopolymerization sources; Some local traders said the market low PP melt copolymerization when expected to temporarily stop falling prices.

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