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The choice of plastic tray with wooden tray

by:Qusheng     2020-10-28
Plastic pallet as we all know, is the modern logistics industry such as star, for various industries also play a corresponding role, but why in our country after a more convenient tool to plastic pallet or wooden tray corresponding note?
in general wooden tray material is simple, only need wood is ok, so manufacturers purchase up more convenient, but the wooden tray is not good is it not recycling and waste is serious, lumber cost is relatively high, at least higher than plastic products, though its raw material is easy to take, but deforestation makes soil erosion is one of the biggest harm!
relative wooden tray Plastic collapsible crateis much better, though it made no wooden pallet is simple, but its benefits are obvious! Plastic pallet manufacturers at http://www. qihuatuopan。 Net/such as it can be recycled, reducing the great waste of resources, and its resistance to water, sun, also greatly improved the merchant's convenience of using, also save the trees to protect the forest. Especially in China's plastics machinery and raw material prices increased performance, further reducing the use of plastic pallet cost, energy crunch in today's logistics environment, also should be more attention, and more should be from the wooden pallet industry gradually transition to the production of plastic tray.
in addition, should also be English with tray is radio frequency identification (rfid) technology, the advanced network technology can take the plastic mold molding, can be generated to facilitate the location of the REID tag to prevent or embedded, good performance can protect its in logistics link is not easy to fall off. Information stored in the RFID pallet, the goods and pallet loading information, through the wireless data communication network data information automatically collected them ZhongYan information system.
cnpalletbox. com( The north's largest plastic pallet manufacturing company) Is with independent intellectual property rights of warehouse logistics equipment manufacture and operation of large private enterprises, the main project has a large plastic tray, handling tools, logistics containers, packaging materials, parts stands and racks, etc. , including plastic pallets, logistics tray and storage tray, the shelf tray, fumigation-free tray, plastic tray, packing tray tray, container, storage plate, plastic tray, production scale in jiangbei district of card board first, an annual output value of 1. 300 million yuan. At present, the company has the nation's largest plastic pallet injection unit, can undertake large injection products variety of production and manufacturing.
the article by: plastic tray, http://www. cnpalletbox。 Com to arrange release
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