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The choice of single-sided and double-sided plastic card board?

by:Qusheng     2020-11-15
So the choice of single-sided and double-sided plastic card board? One plastic or double plastic card choice, not all industries are suitable for single or double plastic card, should according to the corresponding storage, handling equipment and state ( Type, such as warehouse shelf types, piled up or put state) To determine.

if the goods shelves to reach a ton, no shop or shelves, heavy series tray must be used.

for the small area of the automatic storage or high shelves, stacking machine or electric lift trucks in the main situation of vertical transport, can choose double heavy series tray and single standard series tray.

for large area and is mainly for horizontal transportation situation, if the manual hydraulic trucks are suitable for the space choice;

if the goods need to pile up, namely overlapping the bottom of the tray and the lower the upper portion of the goods, use the double-sided plastic board in shenzhen or single tray;

such as the use of electric forklift, the one-sided tray and tray.

if the mobile is a self-propelled tray, there won't be at the bottom of the nine foot type single pallets.

in this paper, the plastic card board, this view does not represent the views.
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