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The choose and buy of plastic turnover box considerations, this time you must remember

by:Qusheng     2021-02-28
The choose and buy of plastic turnover box matters needing attention, this time we must bear in mind that for short-distance transportation enterprise, plastic turnover box is really a very powerful helpers. When choosing a turnover box, a bit mechanical and electrical room need to pay special attention to, learn about the plastic pallet manufacturers. 1, plastic turnover box outside dimension is not the size of the plastic turnover box cover. 2, if you choose to have a lid of plastic turnover box height increased by 15 mm; Under the effective size refers to the plastic crates the size of the mouth. 3 load, plastic turnover box refers to adapt to the environment temperature evenly placed within the range of the load. 4, standard plastic turnover box product size error of plus or minus 3% percentage points, the weight of error of plus or minus 3%, sidewall deformation rate not greater than 1%, the bottom plane deformation is not more than 5 mm, diagonal change the ratio of the box is not greater than 1%. 5, to adapt to the environment temperature: - 25℃- 80℃( Try to avoid direct sunlight and away from heat) 。 The use of plastic turnover box to improve the efficiency of enterprise logistics, but also reduce the cost of logistics; Turnover box when use plastic pallet manufacturers found that damage to replace in a timely manner, if they think they damaged, manufacturers are irresponsible.
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