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The classification of the logistics engineering

by:Qusheng     2021-03-08
Logistics engineering is to support the logistics activities of the overall engineering system, can be divided into the overall network system and the specific technical engineering system two kinds big.
( A) Specific logistics technology engineering systems can be subdivided the following major engineering fields:

1, packaging engineering system this project is to use a variety of materials, equipment, facilities, in order to form various forms of packaging, further support logistics.
packaging engineering mainly divided into general logistics packaging engineering and project engineering to set two fields. Support logistics packaging engineering, mainly on the packaging has protective and facilitating logistics operation two functions. While also considering the commodity promotion and packaging, but that's not the main content of logistics packaging engineering.
container engineering is an engineering packaging to the product of modern development. Many researchers believe that container is no longer belong to packaging engineering of a content, but can be completely independent form system. Container engineering including tray, container bags, engineering and other container project, and so on.

2, storage project the project system is to use warehouse and other storage devices, and facilities to store this item logistics links in accordance with the general requirements of logistics operation.
storage engineering system is to the modern logistics field development one of the most robust systems. The key point of automation field. High-level three-dimensional shelf system, automatic access systems, unmanned handling system, computer inventory management system and so on is the important content of storage engineering system.

3, transmission project transportation engineering include the traditional transportation, and from the perspective of modern logistics, the logistics of the operation system of technology, the traditional transportation engineering for substantial improvement. In addition to the general highway transportation, railway transportation engineering, water transport, air transport, engineering, transportation engineering of modern logistics system, special attention to the traditional mode of transportation of different integrated, the optimal combination of the

related books present the 'door to door', 'library into the library, and even' line to line the high level of transportation mode. Within the scope of the integration of logistics system, the 'hump transport across different traditional transportation mode,' ro-ro transportation ', 'multimodal transport and other transportation mode and engineering systems.

4, loading and unloading handling project the project system is to use all kinds of handling machine and equipment, in order to realize the movement of things way within the space of content in transformation and places.
handling engineering is often a branch or subsidiary, logistics other engineering for a large number of logistics system, handling engineering have considerable independence and high technical requirements. For example, the port container loading and unloading, coal, ore, loading and unloading engineering, large warehouses and railway station of loading and unloading engineering and so on.

5, distribution engineering in the engineering system is through the distribution center and distribution equipment, achieve finally sent to the user.
the project system used to be a part of transportation engineering, is the end of the transportation engineering. As a result of this engineering system in the aspect of management mode, science and technology, equipment facilities is different from the main transportation engineering, at the same time, the emphasis on the service level in modern society, and need special build directly to the user's system, this project delivery engineering is special to the attention of the logistics industry of engineering system recently.
the importance of distribution project is that it is directly and electronic business logistics engineering system into an organic whole repeatedly, so more close contact with the new economy.
distribution engineering and security of the new economic system 'zero inventory production method of a system, distribution project rely on science and technology, the main distribution equipment, network and system planning.

6, circulation processing project the project system is through the circulation process of processing activities, improve the added value of content and the convenience degree of the logistics operation.
the circulation processing project by relying on science and technology, mechanical equipment, comes from the production of various products and applications, because the circulation content is broad, the engineering system is very complicated.
the more important the flow of processing projects: cold chain engineering, concrete engineering, steel reshearer cheng and so on.

7, supply chain engineering system is through the supply chain to build this project, establish a new type of distribution order.
supply chain project is committed to building engineering system in particular, the developed countries has brought to the attention of the economic circles in China.
supply chain project mainly depends on the four support activities: perfecting the network information technology, flexible, precision of logistics system, supply chain management and buyer's market economic system. Different supply chain can contain all the information in whole or in part of logistics engineering system, the complexity and difficulty of this project.
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