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The color of the plastic tray what pay attention to?

by:Qusheng     2020-10-31
Plastic pallet as mobile platform of logistics, the importance of intelligent storage elements, because of its simple, convenient and environmental protection, use range is very wide, all sorts of color of the plastic tray is common in the market. That these have different colors of plastic tray what classification standard or special significance, small make up to introduce to you.
plastic tray more common have blue, black, red, green, white, the color is not actually what the international or national standard definition of the price and process in fact is the same, why points so many colors, mainly because of beautiful and use habit, or a color classification requirements of the customer within the set.
, for example, in the domestic, the use of the general is blue, it is the market rules, is the default of a habit, so is greatly convenient for the benefits of plastic pallet manufacturers recycling of waste plastic tray, stabilize the market order, but on the other hand also convenient some small factory use recycle tray, make consumers suffer losses. Therefore, when buying plastic tray, if you need classification will buy a variety of color plastic tray, if not classification can buy blue plastic tray. Black plastic tray? Generally used as export, along with the goods exports, most are disposable trays, as demand is different, generally the price will be some difference, with the high-speed development of foreign trade, in the domestic use and the number is very big.
so, choose Plastic collapsible crateis generally not to choose the color, mainly using the environment and use function to choose plastic pallet, plastic pallet size, such as scope of heat-resistant, to consider.

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