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The concept of the logistics management

by:Qusheng     2020-11-11
Logistics management ( 物流管理) Refers to the society in the process of production, according to material data entity flow pattern, the basic principle of application management and scientific method, the logistics activity planning, organization, command, coordination, control and supervision, make the logistics activities to achieve the best coordination and cooperation, to reduce logistics costs, improve logistics efficiency and economic benefits. Modern logistics management is established on the basis of system theory, information theory and cybernetics.

logistics management explain:

logistics refers to the use of modern information technology and equipment, the goods from the supplier to receive accurate, timely, ensure the quality of security, rationalization, door to door service mode and the advanced service process. This is bull fish dragon of logistics professional explanation of the definition of logistics firm.

logistics: the transportation of goods, distribution, storage, packaging, transportation and handling, circulation processing, and related logistics information links.

the specific content of logistics activities including the following aspects: customer service, demand forecasting, order processing, distribution, inventory control, transport, warehouse management, the layout and location of the factories and warehouses, transportation and handling, purchasing, packaging, intelligence information.

explain two:

in the national standard 'logistics term' pointed out: the definition of logistics is 'the goods from supplier to receive the entity flow process, according to the actual need, transportation, storage, loading and unloading, handling, packaging, circulation processing, distribution, information processing basic function such as organic combination of implementation. '

explain three:

in the world of' things 'is a material in logistics characteristics and can have a combination of material entity for that part of the physical displacement of the material. 'Flow' is physical movement, the meaning of this movement has its limit, is to the earth as the reference frame, relative to the earth occurring in the course of physical exercise, called 'displacement'. Flow range can be rational widespread, also can be in the same region and micro motion in the same environment, small displacement. The combination of 'material' and 'flow', is a kind of based on the natural movement of the advanced form of exercise. Its linked to each other is between the economic purpose and in-kind, between military purpose and in-kind, even in a social purpose and object, between looking for laws of motion. Therefore, logistics is not only the qualified under the condition of the combination of 'material' and 'flow', but more important is that is limited to the combination of military, economic and social conditions, from the military, economic and social Angle to observe the transportation of content, to some kind of military, economic and social demands.

explain 4:

stream: in the process of chemical production, the need for chemical or physical change often take part in the production process in the gaseous or liquid materials, and in pipeline, so involved in the process of raw materials, intermediate products, such as product called logistics. Constantly in the process of continuous operation to join or discharge of solid materials may also be referred to as logistics.

logistics management logistics management major has four characteristics

( 1) In order to achieve customer satisfaction as the first goal;

  ( 2) For the purpose of enterprise overall optimal;

  ( 3) Centered on information;

  ( 4) Heavy heavier effect of efficiency.

explained five:

( 1) Comprehensive research institute in Japan, the concept of logistics in the logistics manual 1981: 'material from suppliers to those physical movement, is timeliness, place the value of economic activity. From the perspective of the category of logistics, including: packaging, loading and unloading, storage, inventory management, distribution processing, transportation, distribution of various kinds of activities. ”

  ( 2) The American association of logistics, CLM2000 definition of 'logistics', 'to meet customer needs, for goods, services and related information in efficient (between the source and the point of consumption High efficiency, high benefit) Forward and reverse flow and storage of the planning, implementation and control process. ”

  ( 3) China's state bureau of quality and technical supervision, the logistics term 2001 definition of 'logistics' : 'goods from the supplier to receive the entity flow process. According to actual needs, the transportation, storage, loading and unloading, handling, packaging, circulation processing, distribution, information processing basic function such as organic combination of implementation. '

the above three is defined as three classic definition of the concept of' logistics ', among them, China's 'logistics' quoted from Japan to the concept of logistics.
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