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The connotation of the logistics engineering

by:Qusheng     2020-11-12
Domestic famous logistics research institutions million museum consulting company general manager Xie Qin mention

planning of logistics engineering, logistics engineering has many standards and meanings in many research fields, from the perspective of engineering to study the logistics system planning and implementation of the strategy is in the true sense of logistics engineering, countries are also the logistics engineering classification within the engineering discipline.
logistics engineering discipline is mainly on the logistics system planning, design, implementation and administration of the whole process of research. Facilities is the soul of engineering design, planning and design the prerequisites of logistics system, logistics engineering provides software and hardware platform for the logistics system. A good logistics system can not only stay in the planning stage, needs through specific engineering construction, the implementation of the logistics engineering process is to complete the whole system hardware design, manufacture, installation and debugging process, at the same time also need the function of planning software. In the logistics system analysis, design, and implementation process, should not only consider the economic indicators, and to consider technical sophistication, scientific. Therefore, logistics engineering discipline mainly engineering discipline as its theoretical basis, it is both a technology subject, also have the penetration of economic and management disciplines.
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