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The correct way of using the plastic pallet storage shelves

by:Qusheng     2020-10-28
and storage shelves when used in combination, attention should be paid to the following:
add the Beijing plastic tray of steel tube can help the tray on the shelf, improve the bearer of the shelves. But with steel tray on the shelf, only can improve the bearing of the tray, use for a long time, because the shelves, the stress of the tray points span bigger, there will be a certain curvature. Plastic pallet with steel, due to the steel structure is difficult to recover after bending, the tray shelf for a long time use, it's hard to recover.
tray when used in high three-dimensional library shelves, attention should be paid to prevent falling altitude. Tray used in the through type shelf, should make the bottom of the tray aside the security on the shelves of tray. To ensure that the tray on the shelf at the bottom of the tray for a safe place.
to select the correct shelf tray, sichuan and characters of the structure of the Shanghai plastic tray is the most suitable for use with storage shelves. Three at the bottom of the girder structure, whether in beam type goods shelf or large span through type shelf, sichuan and the structure of the word show a strength of the plastic pallet racking load.
choose reasonable shelf tray. Generally based on use case, the tray can be divided into the ground, use pallet, shelves turnover use. And shelves used in three kinds of usage, is on the top of pallet requirements. Because in shelves use, the stress of the tray is only shelf beam support for the tray, the relatively small stress points. If the overload use for a long time, can make facial plastic tray bending, not easy to recover.
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