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The correct way of using the plastic turnover box and store maintenance

by:Qusheng     2020-11-06
Plastic turnover box and the correct way of using the store maintenance with the continuous development of society, plastic turnover box in the manufacturing of more and more widely, especially in the food processing industry, the demand for plastic turnover box is huge, so how to correctly use plastic turnover box product, so as to extend the life? Specific how should operate? What are the requirements? Based on years of experience and related information online I check summary, write this paper to solve the above problems for you. Plastic pallet manufacturers of plastic turnover box, just as its name implies, its main material is plastic, usually for hdpe polyethylene material, people all know, a little life experience plastic main afraid of sunshine point-blank, for a long time because of the ultraviolet ray in sunshine can quicken its ageing, shorten its service life significantly. So the turnover box in time try not to use pure outdoor use, if you can't avoid, also for the sunshade measures as far as possible, avoid the sun too long. Second, in the use of revolving basket, also should avoid high fall turnover box, holding the heavier items, especially metal parts, also should not be casually thrown into turnover box, in order to avoid big impact to the local damage, because it is difficult to repair, turnover box directly discarded after crushing, basically can only be sold as waste plastics. Above is the manufacturer of plastic pallet sorting data, hope to be of help.
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