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The cost of turnover box and the method of extending the life of the mold

by:Qusheng     2021-02-25
The plastic turnover box in the turnover box can be said to be a relatively common and commonly used one. Therefore, it is necessary to be specific in its study and understanding. Therefore, in the time to come, we may continue this work so that everyone can gain and make progress. 1. What standard should the folding container in the plastic container meet? The standard that the folding turnover box in the plastic turnover box should meet is the international pallet standard. Because it will be used in conjunction with plastic pallets, etc., this is the requirement. In addition, there are four commonly used folding containers of the SHG model: 4030, 5030, 6040 and 6050. 2. What are the main reasons for the price of plastic containers? Regarding the specific aspect of the price of plastic turnover box, the relevant factors mainly include specifications, size, cost, and manufacturing technology. What's more, we need to know that the difference in size and cost have a great impact on its price, and it cannot be ignored. 3. Does the plastic turnover box mold need an exhaust system at the handle? The mold used in the plastic turnover box, which is at the handle, needs to use the exhaust system. Therefore, the answer to this question is yes. Because, if there is no exhaust system, then it will make the exhaust not smooth and cause welded seams. Therefore, the plastic crates is easily damaged and damaged. 4. How to make the mold durable on the plastic turnover box? In this case, we can proceed from the following aspects to achieve our goals. Aspect 1: In the mold, suitable materials should be selected for the mold base and core cavity part, so as to have a good manufacturing effect and avoid some manufacturing problems. In addition, appropriate mold standard parts should be selected to avoid unnecessary problems. Aspect 2: The hardness of the material should be strictly controlled, not too large or too small. In addition, the turnover box manufacturer tells you that if you use recycled materials for mold injection, you should ensure two points. One is that the small impurities in the plastic will not damage the mold core and cavity, and the other is to prevent impurities from entering the mold cavity.
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