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The customer when buying tray, there are concerns

by:Qusheng     2020-11-05
Nowadays, there are many types of plastic tray, many buyers don't know how to choose, often with a lot of questions. Here, one of the most serious problems is the customers.
the quality and price, plastic tray, should how to compare?
plastic tray is usually blue, convenient recycling plastic tray factory, however, would disrupt the market of plastic tray. So, in this will focus on the quality of the Plastic collapsible cratewith prices. It is important to note that at the time of purchase, do not think that plastic pallet is heavy, the quality must be good.
2, plastic tray to choose according to the load of the goods?
in general, all is according to the load of goods to choose plastic tray, it can ensure the transport of goods in the process of the safety. However, to eliminate the improper operation of workers.
3, choice of plastic pallet is double or single?

plastic tray double-sided single choice, is to see the forklift for their own use. If is manual hydraulic car or mechanical forklift, can only choose the single plastic tray; If it is mechanical and electric forklift, which can be used.

4, grid, how to wash after using Plastic collapsible crateproblem has plagued the customers

how grid plastic tray cleaning? Grid used in turnover box, plastic tray is the company's products delivery necessary packaging, but at present, the tray in use process, becomes more and more dirty, become influence workshop, warehouse, cleanliness of a link. Tray cleaning every possible way helpless.

by query, we found that the price of plastic pallet is surface grid, more surface holes, there will be a lot of squares so clean up may be in difficulty, the best solution is to use a soft brush scrub, deserve to go up some detergent and warm water, cleaning up is much more convenient.

plastic pallet manufacturers of cleaning is also have certain rules, a certain way. Errors in the cleaning, not only reach the intention of the cleaning, and may pose a damage to plastic pallet, the best way is to local plastic tray to open, then use clean water pipe on the plastic pallet, the first time washed only need to use water right from the beginning. Because the plastic tray usually hypothesis is only a brief used to store goods, there won't be hard to clean the stain, but are more long time of the dust accumulation, can tidy up clean with clear water flushing.
plastic tray cleaning is also part of the usual maintenance, so accurate at the time of work must be in place, guarantee the cleaning effect. Other, assuming that don't want to too much trouble for cleaning, please choose tablet as tray, this can be useful to deal with clean the difficult question.
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