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The development of the global plastic pallet industry

by:Qusheng     2020-10-29
The global plastic pallet industry
hygiene standards stricter, the improvement of pests attention, requires more prominent feature of product structure, which prompted plastic tray into the stable and rapid development of industry from infancy period. The global demand for plastic tray is growing at an annual rate of 10%.
health standards stricter is (pull plastic tray in the industrial field Such as pharmaceutical and food processing) In the biggest power demand growth.
food safety and protect consumers have become retailers have to concern, is one of the measures to restrict the use of wooden tray because use wooden pallet packaging products easy to produce wood chips and pollution.
the Irish RyeValley food company, said the company as a fast food producers will not allow its suppliers to use wooden pallet packing and shipping product. In addition to pharmaceutical and food processing industry and many other industries ( Such as the automotive industry) Also use plastic tray to replace cardboard or wooden pallets.
food suppliers SiobhanWalsch company think retail market has an attempt to promote its suppliers ( Including plastic food packaging manufacturers) Improve product quality to meet the government's food safety standards.
the cost of the tray is usually 3 ~ 4 times of wooden tray. The cost of disposable plastic tray is usually 5 ~ 6 euros/a. And use pure material production that could satisfy the requirement of senior health standards and the high strength plastic pallet costs could be as high as 50 euros/a. Clean plastic tray is used only for baby food processing and food packaging, and other areas of the minority. Based on the cost factor, many enterprises in indoor use plastic pallet, wooden pallet in at the time of shipment. RyeValley food company is that, after the preparation of food packed in plastic packaging materials, at the time of shipment on the wooden pallet. German Kiga company and other companies have developed light tray, usually use polyethylene and polypropylene as raw material, and compared with the untreated wooden tray is cost competitive advantage. The new plastic tray used in to the European Union, China, Australia, Japan and other countries of export goods. These countries due to concerns about the input of untreated wooden tray forestry pests and put his country in danger, so as to ban the use of untreated wooden pallets.
plastic tray durability than wooden pallets. has excellent strength and durability, use up to 100 times, and the wooden tray usually only use 10 times. Kiga will wire embedded in the Plastic collapsible crategreatly increases the strength of the pallet load. The use of recycled polyethylene terephthalate ( PET) The strength of the Plastic collapsible cratemade of above use made of polyethylene and polypropylene plastic tray.
at present, the flame retardant plastic tray has been developing rapidly in the United States. The United States the implementation of the 'insurance law' fire forces use Plastic collapsible crateor upgrade its water and fire protection system to achieve NFPA13 standard, or to observe the effective handling and storage procedures, but the high cost of the former. Many new flame retardant plastic pallet manufacturers being used to improve the flame retardant performance of the product, by underwriters laboratories UL2335 flame retardant requirements, thus opened up a broad market space for its products.
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