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The development of the logistics management experience

by:Qusheng     2020-11-11
The development history of logistics management and distribution management, logistics management and supply chain management three levels. Logistics management originated in the second world war ZhongJun

team supplies and equipment developed by the storage and transportation mode and technology. These techniques are widely used in industry after the war, and greatly improve the efficiency of the operation of the enterprise, for enterprises to win more customers. Logistics management major at that time for distribution part of the enterprise, namely after the finished product produced, how to quickly and efficiently through the distribution center the products delivered to customers, and to maintain the lowest inventories as much as possible. The American association of logistics management at the time called physical distribution management association, and supply chain and logistics management association of Canada is called Canadian physical distribution management association. In the primary stage, logistics management is just after the given amount of product produced, passively to cater to the needs of customers, products can be shipped to the customer designated locations, and to realize resource optimization in transportation field, setting up reasonable inventory level of each distribution center. Accurately, logistics management has not really appear at this stage, there is only transportation management, warehouse management and inventory management. The position of logistics manager does not exist at the time, only transportation manager or warehouse manager.

    Modern logistics management appeared in the 1980 s. People found a way to use cross-functional process management way to observe, analyze and solve the problem of enterprise management is very effective. Through the analysis of material from raw materials to the factory, through the production line on each workstation, output of finished product, and to the distribution center, finally delivered to the customer the whole circulation process, companies can eliminate many seemingly high efficiency but actually reduces the overall efficiency of local optimization. Because every department want to use its capacity, left no abundance, once the demand increases, is everywhere a bottleneck, lead to interrupt the process. , such as the department of transportation as an independent functional departments, always look for ways to reduce the transport cost, but if its so it will be a need to accelerate the delivery of orders by sea rather than air, although it has saved freight, lost customers, lead to the failure of the whole. So the traditional functions of vertical management has not adapt to the modern large-scale industrialized production, and the horizontal logistics management can integrated management of each process on different functions, in order to obtain the overall optimization of synergy.

    At this stage, expand the scope of logistics management in addition to the transportation demand forecasting, procurement, production planning, inventory management, distribution and customer service, etc. , with systematic management enterprise operation, to achieve the overall benefit maximization. High, Della's 'target' fashionable whole world manufacturing industry, its essence is from the perspective of the production process to manage the production. Accordingly, the American association of physical distribution management in the mid - 1980 changed its name to the American association of logistics management, and the Canadian association of physical distribution management in 1992 changed its name to logistics management association of Canada.

    Modern logistics, modern logistics is not only a simple consideration from producer to consumer goods distribution problem, but also consider from suppliers to producers of raw materials procurement, and producer itself in the process of product manufacturing various aspects, such as transportation, warehousing and information comprehensive, integrated to improve the economic benefit and efficiency of the problem. Therefore, modern logistics is to satisfy consumers' needs as the goal, such as manufacturing, transportation and sales market situation to unify consider a strategic measures. The traditional logistics see it only as a 'logistics system and' sales activities bridge role, compared to the concept of on the depth and breadth and has a further meaning.

    A typical manufacturing enterprise, its demand forecast, raw materials procurement and transportation links are usually called into to the logistics, raw material circulation between the internal processes in the factory is called production logistics, distribution and customer service call made to the logistics. Logistics management is the key to system management from the whole process of raw materials, work in process to the finished product, to ensure that under the condition of minimum inventory, material flow of buy, brought into, processing, and out and deliver to the clients. For efficient logistics management of the shareholders of the enterprise, which means that with the least amount of capital to make the biggest business, have the greatest return on investment.
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